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What Can a DIVORCE COACH do for my Family?

Divorce coaching provided by specialized counsellors is an important resource for
assisting individuals coping with the stresses and life re-organization that comes with a
separation and/or a divorce.

There are many life changing complications that come with a separation/divorce and a
divorce coach will assist people to make changes as the result of a divorce (i.e.,
lifestyle, financial, family and social orientations).

Divorce Coaches can help you to:

  • Make healthy and well-reasoned decisions;
  • Recognize and establish new and healthy boundaries;
  • Minimize the emotional and psychological impact of separation and divorce on your
  • Cope with difficult decisions during legal negotiations;
  • Assist in resolving the intensity of emotions involved in separation;
  • Improve communication skills that will be needed;
  • Gain greater control of the process, with more predictable outcomes for you
    and your family;
  • Improve the co-parenting relationship with your spouse or partner;
  • Develop a Parenting Plan with developmental goals and priorities that meets your
    children’s needs

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