What is a Child Specialist

Separation or divorce may impact children most of all. They are often unable to understand or express their feelings, and communication with their parents may be particularly strained.

If you or your Divorce Coach has special or unique needs, concerns or issues regarding children, the Collaborative process provides you and your spouse the opportunity to engage an expert to address these needs. With the information received from the Child Specialist about the children, Divorce Coaches are better able to assist parents to craft a Parenting Plan to address the children’s unique age specific needs or concerns.

The Child Specialist is a registered mental health practitioner who has specialized training in child therapy and child development, as well as expertise in separation and divorce issues as they relate to children. In addition, the Child Specialist has training in the Collaborative process and mediation.

The Child Specialist is a neutral third party whose role in the process is to focus exclusively on the children’s needs, concerns and / or their interests. As such, the Child Specialist acts as an advocate for the children to ensure that their needs are addressed. The Child Specialist meets with the children to help them deal with the impact of their parents’ separation on their lives.

The Child Specialist’s role may include interactive sessions with the children, and possibly, a more formal and therapeutic assessment of them. It may also include observation of the children with their immediate family, as well as consultation with extended family or community members. The conclusions of the Child Specialist are shared with the Collaborative team and the parents, so that this information can be considered in the desired outcomes, including the development of a Parenting Plan.

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