What is a Divorce Coach

Separation and divorce are at the top of the list of life’s stressors; the effect on families can be devastating, and the impact felt for many years. Relationships are damaged, sometimes irreversibly, by the intense feelings of confusion, anger, loss and conflict.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. You can choose to minimize the impact of separation and divorce on your family by working with a Divorce Coach in the Collaborative process.

Divorce Coaches are professionals with a counseling background who have expertise in family dynamics. They also have specialized training in the Collaborative process and mediation.

In a supportive and counselling role, your Divorce Coach assists you in being at your best in the process of separation and divorce by helping to resolve the intensity of emotions involved and improving the communication skills needed to move through the process. In four-way meetings, your Coach is there to ensure that your needs, concerns and feelings are understood by your lawyer, your spouse or partner, and the professionals representing your spouse or partner.

You will be more in control of the separation process, with more predictable outcomes for your family. You’ll have an improved co-parenting relationship with your spouse or partner, and your children will benefit from having a Parenting Plan that meets their unique development needs. Dignity and self-respect will be restored for all involved. You’ll be better equipped for the transition to the next stage of your life.

If you realize the benefit of a supportive environment that recognizes your priorities and values, as well as the best interests of the children, then consult with a Divorce Coach to find out more about the Collaborative process.

What Can a DIVORCE COACH do for my Family?

Divorce coaching provided by specialized counsellors is an important resource for
assisting individuals coping with the stresses and life re-organization that comes with a
separation and/or a divorce.

There are many life changing complications that come with a separation/divorce and a
divorce coach will assist people to make changes as the result of a divorce (i.e.,
lifestyle, financial, family and social orientations).

Divorce Coaches can help you to:

  • Make healthy and well-reasoned decisions;
  • Recognize and establish new and healthy boundaries;
  • Minimize the emotional and psychological impact of separation and divorce on your family;
  • Cope with difficult decisions during legal negotiations;
  • Assist in resolving the intensity of emotions involved in separation;
  • Improve communication skills that will be needed;
  • Gain greater control of the process, with more predictable outcomes for you and your family;
  • Improve the co-parenting relationship with your spouse or partner;
  • Develop a Parenting Plan with developmental goals and priorities that meets your children’s needs

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