What is a Financial Advisor

Separation and divorce will impact you and your family financially for many years into the future. Avoiding court is one way you can minimize the financial impact; the other way is to engage in the Collaborative process, where all your resources are directed at developing solutions for your unique situation.

In the Collaborative process, many couples benefit from hiring a Financial Advisor to assist them in developing viable financial options for their future. The Financial Advisor is a Certified Financial Planner with specialized training in the Collaborative process, mediation, and the financial impact of separation and divorce on families.

The Financial Advisor is a neutral third party who assists couples in gathering financial information, budget preparation and asset management. He or she helps couples to better understand their financial situation and the impact of the separation process. The Financial Advisor will also assist couples to set future goals for financial security, and will give them a reality check, which could eliminate costly mistakes going forward.

The Financial Advisor will also provide information as to the implications of the choices being considered by a couple, based on their means and goals, as well as the tax implications, various options for division of assets, and long-term projections of investment incomes.

With the assistance of a Financial Advisor, you and your lawyers, along with your spouse or partner, can construct a comprehensive financial plan and settlement to transition you to the next stage of your life.

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